Yin and Yang

by Jessica Hull

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(free) 02:50


released February 18, 2013



all rights reserved


Jessica Hull Rancho Cordova, California

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Track Name: Yin and Yang
You are the shine in my dark
The honey to my tart
The flint to my spark and
The north to my south
The song in my mouth
The kiss to my ouch
The cozy in my couch
You are joy to my sad
The beneficial to my bad
The laugh for my mad
You are the calm in my storm
The break from my norm
The free to my form

So how did I get this far
Without you my life’s sub-par
Your love fills the great big hole in my heart

You are the pride to my shame
The vowels in my name
The luck in my game
You are the meds to my pain
The ice to my sprain
Umbrella to my rain
You are the peace to my war
The ceiling to my floor
And the man I adore
You are the gas in my car
The near to my far
The jelly in my jar


Yeah you are The track for my train
Oxygen for my brain
The strike in my lane
You are the yin to my yang
The yin to my yang
The yin to my yang
You are the yin to my yang
The yin to my yang, the yin to my
Yin to my yang